As soon as your package becomes approved, your personal IT team (us) will contact you to prepare servicing your pages and applications. Our services are free of charge because the product services come with the package you bought from us. So, you can contact us anytime and we fix your request.

Google Products

Advancing the technologies in a less down time environment has lead us to service your business needs in Google environment using their servers. This includes the Google Cloud infrastructure and Google Drive.

Users and Multiple Users

One package will contain one user that can manage the business information including emails, docs, spreadsheets, applications, and other information. The email that you possess can receive any emails directed to your domain. For example, if you possess an email address named, sending an email to allows you to receive messages in

For additional users, you can add a user in your server, which cost $10 per user.

Data Migration

If you possess emails in other products not related to Google, we can migrate your data, asssist in data syncing, or download information from other applications and put it on your new cloud server.

Content Management System

Aside from Google Sites, the Content Management System (CMS) we create can allow you to specifically manage molded applications for your business by creating one tunnel in your website to manage data. This also allows your personal Business IT (us) to manage the administration side of your business by creating ease in your daily task.

Contacts and Leads Management

For a fully functional site, we can insert your contacts to become viewable in one login page allowing you to manage your Google Contacts reflecting it in your mobile device, and managing it in your site and in Google Contacts.

You can then get the information you gathered from the customer to manage the personal data leading to a sale.

Ecommerce Applications

Managing customers, their order history, and the pages they viewed can track customer information that can lead to more sales in your eCommerce created by your personal business IT team.

Customized Applications

We also customize applications for your business upon request. This scales plans for your website with flexibility that can lead you to connect your other applications in one domain.

"We got your back!"